Winter break will soon be over!

The last months has been more or less in a winter hiatus. Unfortunately already with the first autumn days in october the freckles of most people start to bleach and and then completely or mostly disappear until the first sunny days in spring. So having photoshoots in winter is almost impossible unless I take a plane and fly far away from here. This winter it wasn’t possible for me to travel, but next winter this might be an option to provide you with at least some images… 😉


Madita at Du Beast Bar, Berlin.


Another difficulty for photoshoots in winter are the extremely short days. For people who have a daytime job this means that outdoor shoots are only possible during the weekend. Indoor shoots on the other hand are difficult to organise and also a lot of places ask for money for photoshoots these days.

Nevertheless I had a lot of very interesting photoshoots this winter, just none with freckled models. If you want to take a look at my other photography work, feel free to check out my homepage at:

So watch this space – Summer is coming!!! ☀️🌷🌻

Anna – Frankfurter Tor Calling

It was another hot day when Anna and I met at Frankfurter Tor in Berlin. We went straight onto the medial strip on Frankfurter Allee to make some first shots with the two towers of Frankfurter Tor in the background. That was not an easy place to get started, because Weiterlesen

Nadja – Exploring a Lost Place

Nadja and I went on this lost place photoshooting somewhere near Berlin on a sunny sunday afternoon in July. It was an old building constructed in the early 20th century and then abandoned in the 1990s. First we had to find our way through the fence, onto the property and then into the building. But that wasn´t hard because most of the doors were open. We went inside and Weiterlesen